CULTIVATING CONVENIENCE | Convenience is beyond the customer.

There is always someone out there that we all know who just has a terrible customer service experience. Typically, its with major corporations or fast-food restaurants that always forget an item or just give the rudest responses.

Some would say that customer service is dead, and that it reflects the employees.

Covid-19 hit all of us hard, especially small businesses. So, in response to that, businesses did what they have always done, adapted. Customer service adapted because they had to. Not all of us were able to go to our favorite stores and get that in-person convenience we are all used to.

Convenience matters to customers; so, in response businesses made customer service more convenient. Through social media, chatbots, zoom links, etc. businesses are still fully available for their customers, just remotely able to handle their needs. The same is true for employees. If you have noticed a lot of jobs have been pushed to remote work. People don’t need to be in the office as much as they used to be, especially when 90% of their work can be done online and remotely.

This isn’t true for all industries, but outside the service industry, companies and owners are starting to realize that it is a lot cheaper to keep their employees at home.

How do business owners and corporations get the best out of their employees while fostering a community of support and understanding? How you treat your employees will reflect in how they treat your customers.

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