THE VACCINE CRISIS | The grey area that has to be addressed.

The United States is finally heading out of the COVID-19 pandemic, and things are starting to get back to normal. However, a new threat is emerging for the business community that isn’t a virus but a pending legal matter. The country is polarized on receiving the vaccines or being strong-armed into getting it, becoming much more of a prevalent issue.

Business owners across the country in certain states require their employees to get the vaccine to keep their employment. Employees are apprehensive about getting a vaccine that hasn’t been thoroughly tested and monitored over multiple years. Do businesses have the right to force their employees to get a vaccine when an employee can site personal or religious beliefs for not getting it? This is an issue that will become increasingly more prevalent as Governors across this country are outlawing vaccine passports.

Numerous individuals say that a business cannot ask you to get vaccinated because it violates HIPPA privacy laws. That enforces that medical documents cannot be shared with the general public from medical facilities and healthcare specialists. So that argument won’t hold water, but it is troubling that half of the FDA and CDC employees are refusing or have not been vaccinated yet. Now that does issue cause for concern that I believe an employee could utter back to their employer.

Regardless of your personal feelings, this will be a growing issue that will have to be resolved. If you want more assistance with this issue from an employer or employee perspective, connect with us.

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