Chris Prosch


Felix Strategies is committed to one thing above the rest, your reputation is your most important asset. Through comprehensive strategic communications initiatives, we help our clients navigate the complexities of maintaining and growing your voice to those who need to hear it most. Moving beyond the complexities of the media and government entities, we help you grow your base to move past the confines of outdated traditional business and political practices. We help you to understand the needs of your employees, customers, and voters to mitigate any crisis or problem and boost your reputation.

Our team has 20+ years of experience

directs you through the entire process from beginning to end. 


We are your full-service vendor for all your corporate and political campaigns needs.

Josh Hayes

Christopher Prosch

Christopher Prosch is a seasoned political operative with 10+ years of experience in public affairs. Christopher has worked in over 10 states and has fostered a strong coalition of colleagues and friends that have given him the connection he needs to maintain roots across the country.


Christopher has worked in every facet of the political arena ranging from Advocacy, lobbying, extensive Nonprofit work to managing federal and state campaigns. In his 10 years, he has had the privilege of being a part of great organizations and campaigns that have allowed him to hold various positions to understand the complexities of the political world better. His roles have ranged from communications director, political director, state government relations director, public policy director, legislative director, lobbyist, opposition research analyst, and campaign manager for both state and federal races.

Christopher has managed numerous states simultaneously and has an 87% success rate with campaigns. He understands the best way to get your voice heard is through name recognition. Through strategic communications, you can get your message directly to the people who need to listen to it the most.

Chris Prosch

Josh Hayes

Josh Hayes has worked in the non-profit and business sectors for over a decade. He specializes in branding and marketing tactics. He is a recipient of a 30 under 30 award and is a recognized innovator in the non-profit and for-profit sector, leading nationwide pilot programs with success. Josh's experience as afforded him the ability to understand that communications is king in any organization. The first-hand knowledge with numerous non-profits and companies has only bolstered his branding and marketing execution.


Over the past decade, Josh has had the privilege of teaching seminars, conferences, and being a guest lecturer at numerous universities on the complexities of corporate compliance. Working with volunteers and with executives has afforded Josh the ability to understand that the number one problem facing any organization is misinformation or miscommunication. Maintaining absolute transparency with your staff, your constituents and your clients only serves to better your reputation. Josh's non-profit and corporate experience has been a blessing in his life, and he's greatly appreciated working with a variety of individuals and organizations from all walks of life to grow their message.