Media Relations & Training

We focus on making your story count. All too often, companies & organizations don't know how to handle all the significant facets of the Media for maximum effect. We have unmatched insight into the ever-changing media environment and the relationships necessary to generate the right kind of coverage and visibility our clients need.


  • Media outreach and management

  • Message development & strategy

  • Media releases & partnerships

  • Media relationship building

  • Media training

  • Real-time monitoring and analytics

  • Video content strategy and production

  • Press releases, op-eds, LTE's, etc.

Media Interview


Business Meeting

Business Development

Businesses have trouble communicating their message effectively to their targeted audience and employees. The most crucial asset a corporation has is its reputation. We utilize our expertise to help your company disseminate information correctly, so no channels are missed and your reputation stays intact.


  • Public opinion research/Opposition Research

  • Traditional and digital media monitoring

  • Media profiling and targeting

  • Corporate outreach internally & Externally

  • Negotiations Management Consumer Psychology

  • Corporate Liaison

  • HR & Compliance (State & Federal)

  • Customer service training and development

Digital Branding

Let's face it; Media isn't just Newspapers, Television & Radio. The old ways are important, but Digital is Dominating the world. Are you properly using your online presence and social media to cultivate the best version of yourself and your organization?


  • Monitoring & Content Creation

  • Influencer analysis and mapping

  • Videography

  • Paid Media & Ad Campaigns

  • Social media management

  • Creative strategy and content development

  • Audience development & Population Targeting

  • Constant automated reporting and measurement

  • Video and mobile content production

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