ELECTION INTEGRITY | The sanctity of our Republic

The 2020 election was a filled with excitement, distress, and a lot of questions that nobody seems to want to answer. We are told that 2020 was the safest election in US history. Yet, after the fact, there are major discrepancies being discovered all over the country. In the state of Arizona there is a State Senate Approved audit occurring, and the Arizona State House has stripped the Arizona Secretary of State of her duties and responsibilities and shifted them to the state Attorney General Office.

Additionally, more investigations are popping up in Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia, and even New Hampshire. The voting company Dominion has stated numerous times that there was no fraud and that the 2020 election was safe, now investigations are finding that was not the case and Dominions only response is that there was coding errors and other data problems.

The situation is not from a right or left perspective, it’s from the standpoint that elections matter and there are massive voter discrepancies that need to be addressed. In our Republic, if the people do not have faith in their election process, what makes you think that the people are going to trust those elected and even follow the laws of those who they question are in office. That is why elections are so important.

In a recent Rasmussen poll, it shows that over 75% of Republican voters across the country believe that the 2020 election was stolen, more interestingly, 30% of Democrat voters believe the election was also stolen. That is a very high number of democrat voters who don’t have a lot of faith in the system. Do you have faith in your local elections? Do you want your voice heard? For assistance with this, Connect with us.

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