There is a growing concern that the major cities of certain states do not reflect the best interests of the rest of the counties of that state. In Minnesota as an example, there are concerns that the Twin Cities do not care about the rest of the state. Minnesota is one of the highest taxed states in the country and if you live in northern, southern, or even western Minnesota, you hate paying higher taxes every year that mostly goes right to the largest cities to fund their issues. If I lived in western Minnesota, what benefit am I getting from my taxes increasing every year, the price of goods skyrocketing because of political unrest in the major cities.

The rest of the state should not have to pay for the problems of one or two major cities. One big example is property taxes. Property taxes in a lot of states pay for the public school and If you lived in a very rural part of the state, your property taxes go up every year to pay for schools your children don’t even go to. There is a reason so many people are fleeing blue states, it is simply because blue states are some of the highest taxed states in the country. People want a nice quite safe place to raise their family and not be taxed back to the stone age.

Now, the reality of parts of states seceding and joining other states in the region is extremely difficult to do from a legal perspective, but the fact is, there are growing cultural differences between major city-states like Minneapolis-St. Paul, Chicago, Seattle, Portland that take and take from the rest of their states and give very little in return. These cultural differences are geographically concerning its city vs. suburb, vs. rural. These city states need a reality check, and they better understand that just because you have the loudest voice does not always mean you are right. People and businesses are tired of being abused and used for political games, to learn how to make your voice heard in your community connect with us.

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